Thomson Optimum Growth™ Flasks

The advantages of Thomson Optimum Growth™ Flasks (patented) can be attributed to a fairly simple principal of good mixing and high oxygen transfer rate helping cells grow to higher densities. Increased aeration is achieved through a patented baffle design along with a large diameter neck and gas permeable cap. The innovation in Thomson’s Optimum Growth™ product line does not end with a single flask. Thomson has worked with its customers to reduce the footprint of its flasks in such a way to maximize space in the most commonly used cell culture incubators. In the tradition of evolving to fit customer needs, Thomson has introduced a line of companion products that work along with the Optimum Growth™ Flasks. These include caps, lids & ports that allow the sterile transfer of fluid into and out of the flasks. Current cell culture processes often involve longer culture durations that require both sampling over time and batch feeds. Thomson products support these existing workflows and help to streamline the process wherever possible.

Key Features

  • Baffles designed for High Aeration & Low Shear
  • Same Footprint as Comparable Fernbach Flask
  • Less Foaming than Disposable Fernbach
  • Transfer Cap option connects directly to cell bags™ & bioreactors with quick connect, luer lock or tube fusing
  • 0.2μm Vented Cap
  • Individually Packaged and Sterilized


Thomson carries a number of accessories for the Optimum Growth™ Flask. For the 125mL and 250mL flasks we have carriers to easily hold up to 8 flasks and a time for transport to and from the shaker. You can also keep the flasks in the carrier while sampling in the hood. With Optimum Growth™ Sampling Flasks, the carrier and flasks and remain inside the shaker during sampling.

Available for our 1.6L, 2.8L and 5L flasks are solid storage and vented caps. We also sell our popular 5L with a solid cap for transfer and storage options using our transfer caps.